Hello and welcome to my shop! 

Im Dan the Woodland Carver i started carving in the winter of 2018 and have absolutely fallen in love with this traditional Wood craft. I started carving just as something to do in the long winter evenings sat by the fire in my canal boat on the canal and have carried on ever since deepining my knowledge and skills in the wood craft.

Unlike a lot of modern day carvers all my wood carvings are done by hand using just an axe and two different knives, the wood I use is all naturally fallen, I never cut anything down to use. All my wood is foraged in local woods or from my uncles farm after storms and high winds naturally bring down trees and branches which then have to be cleared off the land. I prefer to use wood that is well seasoned so i am always saving wood to use in the years to come and use only hard woods for all of my creations! 

I find that nature is my main inspiration for all my work, I love being out in the woods enjoying the surroundings and the beauty of the natural world, I create Unique pieces based on what I come across, for example all my leaf pendants are modelled on real leafs! 

As well as the woods I find inspiration along the water ways, which is where I live on board a canal boat floating along the canal, I have lived like this for over five years now and love how close it brings me to nature and the joy of the natural world, as well as teaching me how to be more self sufficient and eco friendly in life.

I hope you enjoy my work

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 Many thanks Dan 

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