After Care

The Woodland Carver

After Care

After care for wood carvings.

If you have already purchased a carving then thank you so much! As all my wood carvings are made from natural wood they do need looking after a little bit to keep them in great condition.

General Care- All my wood carvings are treated in a blend of natural oils once finished, this helps to create a protective layer and really brings out the grain and natural colours in the wood. To maintain this i would recommend regularly applying and rubbing in with a soft cloth an oil such as tung, walnut, flaxseed, olive or danish oil, over time the moisture in the wood will stabilise and then regular applications wont be necessary. Do not leave any wood carvings in direct sunlight or high temperatures such as by fires or radiators as this can rapidly change the moisture levels in the wood which could cause splits or cracking.

Spoon Care- As with all wooden kitchen ware if used regularly over time the wood will develop its own characteristics and may change slightly in colour, this is just natural, if used regularly please only wash with warm soapy water, dish washing wooden products is not recommended, dry with a towel or air dry, try not to leave in boiling water for too long if used for cooking. please note that when using for the first few times you may see a slight sheen as some of the oils come out, this will only be for the fist few uses and will soon disappear, do not worry all my oils are natural and non toxic.

Pendant Care- Hand carved wooden pendants will change slightly in colour and characteristics over a long period of time, this is just natural. Please remove when showering, bathing or swimming and follow the general care above.


If you do ever experience any problems please dont hesitate to contact me via the contact form or via instagram and i will get back to you asap many thanks Dan.