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The Woodland Carver

Ivy leaf Eating Spoon

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The ivy leaf spoon

By far my most intricate carving I have ever done, this is without doubt the hardest and most time consuming carving I have completed to date, and also my favourite by far because of what has gone in to it!

A truly unique one of piece of usable art work inspired by nature

Entirely have carved using knife and axe from naturally fallen wild cherry wood

Finished in a blend of protective natural oils

This spoon is made for using however I totally understand if it is kept as a piece of art work on display

The spoon measures 16cm tall with the spoon bowl being 5.5x4cm

A true unique work of art that I will never try to replicate!

Countless hours were spent on this piece and it will be hard to part with but I wold love for it to go to a great home where it will be fully appreciated!