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The Woodland Carver

Spalted Oak Leaf Coffee Scoop/Spoon

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The Spalted Oak Leaf Scoop a handmade unique one off piece of useable wood art.

Inspired by nature the oak leaf is modelled on a real oak leaf.

The scoop measures 11cm tall with the bowl being 4cm by 4cm it is designed as either a scoop for coffee, sugar etc or as a tea spoon or it could even be used as a small eating spoon.

The scoop is entirely hand carved by knife and axe.

Carved from naturally fallen Spalted Sycamore wood which I salvaged from a big tree which had blown down in a storm in a local garden.

Finished in a natural blend of oils.

The spalting in the scoop makes the wood a lovely mottled colour and is truly unique.

A lovely gift for yourself or a loved one.