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The Woodland Carver

Spalted Beech Mushroom Eating Spoon

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The Mushroom eating Spoon, a unique one off piece of usable wood art, inspired by nature.

Carved entirely by hand using just a axe, knife and hook knife.

Made from a beautiful single piece of spalted beech wood that is truly unique, the beech wood came from a big tree which came down naturally in a big storm on my uncles farm, the beech wood is well seasoned and is a piece I found in my wood stack which would have been used for heating my boat if had not seen the amazing spalting in it.

Width- 4cm

The spoon bowel measures 5cm x 3.6cm and is ideal as an eating/desert or soup spoon.

The spoon is finished in a natural blend of oils.

This is a creation I spent countless hours on and is truly a one of piece never to be recreated, the wood is extraordinarily beautiful and being beech is a very hard wood.

A beautiful gift for your self or a loved one.